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Program Description

The Biological Science Program for BS Biology students is designed for equipping graduates with skills and knowledge in human resources that will enhance the progress of this agriculturally-based country depending on their specialization.  In the said program, the course curriculum is systematically given from first year to fourth year, assuring that BS Biology students will be given all necessary subjects to be used once they are in the field. There are lots of private and government owned and controlled corporations and research institutions which can readily make use of their knowledge in their chosen career. An increasing number of industries are now becoming allied to biological sciences especially to the pharmaceutical food and scientific supply manufacturing.


The program aims to:

1. equip students with basic foundation in biological sciences which will enable them to fully understand allied science;

2.  train students on scientific methods of acquiring knowledge

essential in the society;

3. arm the students with the skills necessary to provide extension services to various clientele; and

4. prepare them in conducting basic and applied researches relevant to college thrust


Major in Journalism

Course Description

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication is a four year course offered to students who have successfully completed their secondary curriculum. It has been designed to equip the students of theories, concepts and skills in Mass Communication. With Journalism as field of specialization, basic and major courses in both broadcast and print media are included in the curriculum. To help the graduates acquire the necessary skills, on-the-job training is also a requirement.


General Objective

The BA Mass Communication program aims to inculcate and foster awareness of the ethical and social significance of interpersonal and mass communication including the press, radio, television and film.

Specific Objectives

 The program aims to:

1. produce globally and morally upright graduates who can apply the concepts, techniques and principles of communication to the solution of the problems for regional and national development; and